Berlin Guide: Pankow

Guide to Berlin Part 3: Best of Pankow

We are continuing our Archer Relocation series on areas of Berlin and the amazing female entrepreneurs who live and work here. Aussie expat, former Opera singer and managing director of Red Tape Translation, Kathleen Parker, gave us the lowdown on her neighbourhood: Pankow. 


Kathleen Parker

Berlin Neighbourhood


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4 Vital Ways Archer Relocation Can Help You Move to Germany

Moving to Germany can be difficult, especially if you don’t speak the language or know the system. As with any country, there are processes to follow, numerous forms to complete, and services you will require. But how do you go about it? When you hire our services at Archer Relocation, you’ll discover we are expansive and inclusive. We offer as many services as we can to support you.…

Guide to Berlin Part 2: Kathryn’s Best of Charlottenburg

In this Berlin city guide series, friends of Archer Relocation share what they love most about the part of the city they call home. In our second instalment, Kathryn shares the best of Berlin-Charlottenburg. 

Who: Kathryn Gorman, an author and freelance writer

Berlin Neighbourhood: Charlottenburg

Moved to Berlin: December, 2019


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8 Communication Tips For Non-German Speakers Living in Germany

Aussie ex-pat Kathryn Gorman, a Communication Expert, Educator and Author, has been living in Berlin for over two years. We asked her for some tips to help you when you move to Germany.



You have arrived… in Germany, and Du sprichst kein Deutsch (You don’t speak German). What do you do? Larger cities tend to have more residents who speak English. In the smaller cities and towns, it can be harder to find English speakers.…

5 Summer Adventures For When You Live in Berlin


When schools out and the temperatures soar, how can you stay cool and entertained? Here’s five fun suggestions for you to enjoy your new home in Germany. We have highlighted some Berlin summer activities for you.



The German word for lake is ‘See’. Many of these lakes are FKK–FreiKorperKultur (translation Free Body Culture aka Nude Bathing).…

How to Ride the Berlin Metro

How to Ride the Berlin Metro

The big news in Berlin is that school kids can now ride the metro for free! All they need is a Schülerticket. This new city initiative got us thinking about how great Berlin’s public transportation system is. The Berlin Metro system covers a vast network of underground trains, elevated trains, trams, and buses that shuttles passengers from Tiergarten to Treptower Park, Wedding to Warschauer Straße, and even Prenzlauer Berg to Potsdam on 770-kilometers of track.…

Networking in Berlin

Networking in Berlin

Any time you move to a new city, finding new career and social relationships are vital to a successful integration. Your options for networking in Berlin are abundant, both online and with live events and groups.…

apps for Berlin expats

The Ultimate 10 Apps for Berlin Expats

These days it seems we are all dependent on the apps on our phones to complete virtually every task throughout the day — whether ordering food, determining the best route to get to our next meeting or calling a taxi. …

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