4 Ways To Reframe Moving To Berlin With Your Family

You’re satisfied with your life, your relationship is great, your kids are happy, and your partner drops a bombshell–they’ve had a magical job offer…in Berlin! You want to support them, of course you do. But your mind is spinning with questions, many, many questions. Possibly you are thinking about all the things you are giving up… but what about all the exciting things you are moving towards?…

Berlin Rent Freeze Explained

Berlin Rent Freeze Explained

Berlin just passed a new law that freezes rents for five years. The Berlin rent freeze gives tenants and law-makers some breathing room as the city comes to terms with its extraordinary growth and desperate need for more housing.

Everyone wants to live in Berlin. At least that’s how it can seem while apartment hunting. Demand for apartments in Berlin is so high that rent prices doubled over the last decade.…

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