Couldn’t have done it without Emily

When we embarked on a big move with two children and a cat from London to Berlin, we had no idea how much we would come to rely on Emily. We knew that finding and securing a home in an incredibly short space of time would be a tall order, but we managed to do it, and Emily’s calm and confident manner made a very stressful and emotional process so much better and easier than it otherwise would have been. In hindsight, we simply could not have done without her. She handled all of the communication and paperwork with the agencies, always kept us informed, and crucially, helped us widen our search area to the neighbourhood where we are happily living now. Following our move, Emily made sure to keep on top of the little loose ends involving repairs and the like, which has been really helpful, as the realities of life in a new country pile up very quickly! I know we will continue to be in touch with her as a source of invaluable help and support with various bureaucratic matters and logistical hurdles, and we simply cannot recommend her enough.

Archer Relocation