4 Vital Ways Archer Relocation Can Help You Move to Germany

Moving to Germany can be difficult, especially if you don’t speak the language or know the system. As with any country, there are processes to follow, numerous forms to complete, and services you will require. But how do you go about it? When you hire our services at Archer Relocation, you’ll discover we are expansive and inclusive. We offer as many services as we can to support you. And if we don’t offer a service you need, we can find someone who does. Here are four vital ways we can make your move easier.

1.We help you find a home to RENT or BUY

Did you know? Over half of the population in Germany rent their homes, and in big cities it’s even higher. In Berlin, for example, over eighty percent of residents are tenants.

We assist our clients to navigate the German housing market. If you are looking to rent a house or apartment, we connect you with the best home search platforms. We organise viewings, accompanying you if required or for translation purposes. We help you apply for a property, ensuring you have all of the documents you need to be considered.

If you are looking to buy a home in Germany, we help with the above, as well as guiding you through the extra steps needed to become a property owner. This includes connecting you with a real estate agent (Makler) and arranging appointments with a notary (Notar).

Similar to a conveyancer, the notary’s role is to check the official property register. This is to ensure the property is unencumbered. The Notar also creates the contract (in German), handles payments, and supervises the contract signing.

If you are purchasing a property, an interesting fact to know is that under German property law, the entire contract must be read out loud by the Notar, with both parties present. This can take several hours, so it’s important you are prepared for this!

If you are not a German speaker, you will be asked by your notary to bring an interpreter to the contract signing. You will also need to provide a translation of the contract (at your cost) which will then be read aloud, after the German version has been read.

We can connect you to these services so you can find a home you’re happy with. For support in renting or buying a property in Germany, and a discussion of how we can help, book an online consultation with us here.


2.We help people relocate from all over the world, to all over Germany

Did you know? Our clients come from all around the world: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Indonesia, and Columbia to name a few. They also move to Germany from many EU countries including Poland, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Estonia, and the Czech Republic.

Archer Relocation’s main office is in Berlin, but we also help clients move to other parts of Germany. We have helped clients relocate and settle in Munich, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Hamburg, and Düsseldorf.

Whether you want to move to a main city in Germany, or even a remote town, we can help you. Through our comprehensive online platform we guide you through each step of the relocation process. Our specialised platform offers support through a messaging service. This is combined with online calls as required. And, if you need face-to-face support, such as interpreting at a school interview or visa application, we can provide someone to make the whole process easier.

We help relocate executives, CEO’s, CFO’s, VP’s, private clients, individuals, couples, and families. We tailor a package to your needs. Moving with your family? Then you will probably need a KiTa or school search in your relocation package. Have no children? Then you won’t require this service but may have lifestyle choices which affect the area in which you choose to live.

This year we have helped relocate people from numerous industries including  IT, Fintech, AI, Software Engineering, E-Sports, Financial, HR, and Recruitment. Many of these clients have qualified for an EU Blue Card or a specialist visa.

You can read more about the Blue Card here at our blog: German Blue Card Explained.

To learn more about the IT specialist visa, or other types of visas, visit the Make it in Germany website.

3.We help with your health insurance

Did you know? Health insurance in Germany is mandatory. There are two types of health insurance: Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung or GKV (State public health insurance) and Private Krankenversicherung or PKV (Private health insurance).

There are over one hundred Krankenkassen (health insurance companies) in Germany and navigating them can be overwhelming. Public or Private? What’s the difference? What does each insurance cover? Which is better?

To find your best health insurance, we interview you in detail. We examine your specific needs (and those of your family), then match you with the ideal Krankenkasse. We act as an independent broker for health insurance. This means we aren’t limited to one specific product, so we can offer the insurance that is best for your circumstances.

To learn more about health insurance in Germany, read our blog: Health Insurance in Germany.

To discuss your insurance needs with us, fill in your contact details here and we will be in touch.

4.We are connected, so please stay connected

Once we’ve assisted you in moving to Germany, please stay connected to us. You can do this by subscribing to our mailing list and following us on social media.

After you’ve secured your visa, Anmeldung and health insurance, and once you’re settled in your new home and neighbourhood, new questions may arise. It’s possible we may be able to help you with them.

When our clients contact us after a few months of living in Germany, we find their enquiries fall into three categories:

– Questions which can be answered quickly and easily,

– Questions of a more complex nature which require more time and research to provide you with the correct information, and

– Questions you have which are not within our company expertise.

If you have a question which can be answered quickly and easily, our blog contains valuable information about settling into the German lifestyle. It is written specifically for you. Some of our more popular blogs include:

How to recycle in Germany

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If you have a question of a more complex nature which requires more time, knowledge, or research for us to provide you with the correct information, please consider booking an online consultation with us.

This might include you needing specific educational or health support for your child, renewing your visa, returning to your home country, or wanting to bring other family members to live with you in Germany.

What if you want to set up a business in Germany? Or you need complex financial advice? We are not immigration lawyers, or experts in tax law, so we cannot advise you in these areas. But we will guide you towards people who can help you.

And we also offer packages to support you if your work contract is up and you decide to return home. We can manage city de-registration, property handovers, cleaning services and other tasks to take your stress away.

If you have questions which fall outside of our company expertise, please do ask for a referral. If we can’t help you with a particular issue, we can refer you to an English-speaking, German expert who can help you. Here’s some examples.

Looking for a co-working space? We can recommend spaces, including those with childcare.

Prefer a Nanny to care for your children? We know some professional caring agencies we would trust to care for our children.

Having a baby? We can connect you with colleagues who specialise in supporting women giving birth in Germany .

Need translation support for a complex issue? We can suggest translation agencies or freelancers of a high quality.

Require financial advice, or even your annual tax completed? We can link you to English speaking professionals who have experience within the German system.

Are you looking for a professional relocator to make your move to Germany easy?

To have all your relocation questions answered and your anxiety soothed, book a consultation with us here.

We have many years of experience, living and working in Germany, and relocating others here. We tailor a package specifically for you. We provide you with a practical platform to make your paperwork and immigration processes flow. We respond to your questions. We remember what it’s like to move to a new place: exciting, stressful, scary…and so we would like to support you through this time.



Archer Relocation has been providing relocation services to families, individuals and companies in Berlin since early 2015.  Managing Director, Emily Archer, founded the company desiring to use her first-hand experience as an expat to make the relocation process as smooth as possible for others moving to Berlin.  Read other useful information about moving to and living in Berlin, such as ‘How to Find a Berlin Apartment’, on our Berlin Blog.  

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