Thank you Emily for all your help and support

This is our second international relocation and I only wish we had met Emily during our first move abroad. She has made our move to Berlin much easier than it otherwise would have been. From helping us find a suitable apartment to dealing with the complex bureaucratic system, Emily has been there for our whole family. She has also helped with things like school and kindergarten vouchers, finding suitable doctors, setting up a bank account etc.

More importantly, she has been a great support throughout the entire process. When you are moving to somewhere completely new and have no network of friends or family, you need someone like Emily to hold your hand.

We only found Archer Relocation by chance when we were looking up Berlin relocation agents online. I really liked the sound of Emily and both my husband and I got the feeling she would try her absolute best for her clients. We were of course, completely right! She also has a good sense of humour and even when at times it felt that things were getting pretty stressful, she always remained calm.

What I have really appreciated is that Emily is also a mum and so she understands the importance of getting things right for your children. Happy kids = happy parents!

I would recommend Emily to anyone relocating, but particularly families who need that extra time and care.

Archer Relocation