8 Communication Tips For Non-German Speakers Living in Germany

Aussie ex-pat Kathryn Gorman, a Communication Expert, Educator and Author, has been living in Berlin for over two years. We asked her for some tips to help you when you move to Germany.



You have arrived… in Germany, and Du sprichst kein Deutsch (You don’t speak German). What do you do? Larger cities tend to have more residents who speak English. In the smaller cities and towns, it can be harder to find English speakers.…

Learn German Online

4 Great Ways to Learn German Online

So much learning takes place online these days. Have you considered taking an online German class? Sure, English speakers can get by in many parts of Germany without getting too “lost in translation,” but if you’re planning to stay in Germany for more than a couple years, it’s always a good idea to learn the language.

With so many options for learning German online, there really are no good excuses for not learning the language.

Where to learn German in Berlin

Want to Learn German in Berlin? Great news! Now the tricky question: Where will you learn German in Berlin? With so many language schools and courses to choose from, how do you narrow it down?…

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