8 Communication Tips For Non-German Speakers Living in Germany

Aussie ex-pat Kathryn Gorman, a Communication Expert, Educator and Author, has been living in Berlin for over two years. We...

Berlin's Best Off-Beat Christmas Markets

Berlin’s Best Off-Beat Christmas Markets 2021

Christmas in Germany just isn’t complete without a visit to a Christmas market. And despite the persistence of the pandemic, Christmas...

Moving to Berlin with a Family

Moving to Berlin With a Family: A Relocation Agency’s Checklist

If you’re moving to Berlin with a family you’re in for a treat. Berlin offers an excellent quality of life...

Germany's Covid Rules

Germany’s Covid Rules

Updated June 11, 2021.  The numbers just keep going down in Germany! The number of Covid-19 infections that is. Take...

Best Berlin Christmas Markets

Best Berlin Christmas Markets

Christmas in Germany is simply magical! Why? Because of the Christmas Markets of course! If this is your first winter...

How to Ride the Berlin Metro

How to Ride the Berlin Metro

The big news in Berlin is that school kids can now ride the metro for free! All they need is...

International and Bilingual Schools in Berlin

Untersuchung for Your Child in Berlin

Families who move to Berlin with small children, or those who have had a baby in Germany, have probably heard...

Easter in Germany

Easter in Germany

Easter in Germany is a special time for families.  There are a multitude of Easter traditions from Good Friday to...

health insurance in Germany

Health Insurance in Germany

Much like registering to live in Germany, securing health insurance in Germany is mandatory whilst you are living in the country. So, apart from the fact you simply have to have insurance in Germany, it’s also extremely worth it, especially if you end up sick, injured in an accident, become pregnant or even need to see your local general practitioner for a common cold.

Family Friendly Activities in Berlin in Autumn

Family Friendly Activities in Berlin in Autumn

If you are searching for family friendly activities in Berlin in autumn, you’ll most likely be looking for something fun, some indoor, some outdoor, inexpensive and entertaining, but most of all, somewhere where you’ll all enjoy yourselves. Here are the top suggestions for family friendly activities Berlin for autumn, so get your raincoats on and let’s play!

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