How We Help You Move to Germany: Meet Agnieszka Król-Zgolińska

We interviewed our Relocation Assistant Agnieszka Król-Zgolińska for you, so you can get to know the person behind the name helping you move to Germany.

Where do you live in Germany?

I currently spend half my time in Berlin, where I live in Schöneberg, one of Berlin’s most beautiful districts, and the other half in Poland, in a small town for a change of lifestyle.

How long have you lived in Germany?

Berlin Guide: Pankow

Guide to Berlin Part 3: Best of Pankow

We are continuing our Archer Relocation series on areas of Berlin and the amazing female entrepreneurs who live and work here. Aussie expat, former Opera singer and managing director of Red Tape Translation, Kathleen Parker, gave us the lowdown on her neighbourhood: Pankow. 


Kathleen Parker

Berlin Neighbourhood


How long have you lived in Berlin?

Germany's Covid Rules

Germany’s Covid Rules

Updated June 11, 2021. 

The numbers just keep going down in Germany! The number of Covid-19 infections that is. Take a look at the vaccination rate, and you’ll see it’s going up and up! But to keep up this positive trajectory, it’s still important to follow the Coronavirus rules in Germany, even as they loosen across the Bundesland.

(See incident rates for each of Germany’s states at

Germany Skilled Workers

Germany Needs Skilled Workers

Germany’s economy is strong and skilled workers are in high demand. If you’re a doctor or nurse, engineer, IT specialist, software developer, programmer, scientist, or have skills in certain craftsmanship industries, Germany needs you!

Engineers and IT specialists are in demand in Germany

Work as an engineer in Germany

Germany is renowned for innovations in engineering, and trained engineers are always in demand.

EU Blue Card for Germany

A Guide to the EU Blue Card for Germany

Did you know that Germany issues more EU Blue Cards than any other country in the European Union?

If you have a college degree and a job offer in Germany, you might be eligible for a German Blue Card.  


What is the EU Blue Card for Germany?


The German Blue Card, or EU Blue Card is a pathway to German immigration that comes with some advantages, including a reduced timeline to permanent residence status.

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