4 Vital Ways Archer Relocation Can Help You Move to Germany

Moving to Germany can be difficult, especially if you don’t speak the language or know the system. As with any country, there are processes to follow, numerous forms to complete, and services you will require. But how do you go about it? When you hire our services at Archer Relocation, you’ll discover we are expansive and inclusive. We offer as many services as we can to support you.…

How to Survive Winter in Berlin

How to Survive Winter
in Berlin

How are you surviving winter in Berlin? The good news is we’ve made it over the hump. Only five weeks left! February usually goes by in a flash, but this is a leap year. Will the extra day make it feel longer? 

If you need some ideas to get through the rest of these cold winter days, read our guide to surviving winter in Berlin. 

Get Outside!

Are you kidding? The last thing we want to do on a cold winter day is leave the comfort of our snuggly duvets, and you’re telling me to go outside?…

What to do when your child is sick in Berlin?

When relocating to a foreign country with a family, one of the things parents are concerned about sooner or later, is knowing what to do when their child falls ill.  It can be especially daunting if you do not know the language or if it is the middle of the night, or you are alone with the children without a family member or support person with you.…

Christmas Markets and Other Winter Activities with the Family in Berlin

Christmas Markets and other Family Activities in Berlin in Winter

Finding family activities in winter in Berlin can be daunting for some. It can get very cold, it will snow, your heaters will be turned on high and the thermal tights and kids snowsuits get dusted off once more. But if you look a little deeper you’ll see that Berlin in winter can be just as vibrant as it is in the other seasons of the year. So, if you want to find some family activities in winter in Berlin, read on!

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