Berlin Guide: Pankow

Guide to Berlin Part 3: Best of Pankow

We are continuing our Archer Relocation series on areas of Berlin and the amazing female entrepreneurs who live and work here. Aussie expat, former Opera singer and managing director of Red Tape Translation, Kathleen Parker, gave us the lowdown on her neighbourhood: Pankow. 


Kathleen Parker

Berlin Neighbourhood


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Guide to Berlin: Best of MItte

Guide to Berlin
Part I: Julie’s Best of Mitte

In this Berlin city guide series, friends of Archer Relocation share what they love most about the part of the city they call home. In our first installment, Julie shares the best of Berlin-Mitte. 

Who: Julie Schoen, a photographer and social media manager.
Berlin Neighbourhood: Berlin-Mitte
Moved to Berlin: with her husband and two children in 2017 from Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Julie's Guide to Berlin Mittee
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