Berlin Guide: Pankow

Guide to Berlin Part 3: Best of Pankow

We are continuing our Archer Relocation series on areas of Berlin and the amazing female entrepreneurs who live and work here. Aussie expat, former Opera singer and managing director of Red Tape Translation, Kathleen Parker, gave us the lowdown on her neighbourhood: Pankow. 


Kathleen Parker

Berlin Neighbourhood


How long have you lived in Berlin?

4 Ways To Reframe Moving To Berlin With Your Family

You’re satisfied with your life, your relationship is great, your kids are happy, and your partner drops a bombshell–they’ve had a magical job offer…in Berlin! You want to support them, of course you do. But your mind is spinning with questions, many, many questions. Possibly you are thinking about all the things you are giving up… but what about all the exciting things you are moving towards?…

Choosing and Enrolling in a School in Berlin

How to Choose and Enroll in a School in Berlin

Berlin is home to many different types of schools and finding the right school for your child can be a daunting task. While choosing a school is a very personal decision that only your family can make, we’ve put together a guide that we hope will help you choose a school in Berlin.

Choosing a School in Berlin: Public or Private?

The first thing families can do to narrow down their choices is to decide if they will send their children to the German state school, or to a private or public bilingual or international school.

International and Bilingual Schools in Berlin

If you are a family of non-native German speakers and are considering a move to Berlin, you will be happy to hear that there are quite a few international and bilingual schools in Berlin.  However, finding an open spot for your child can be quite tricky. …

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