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At Archer Relocation, we have been assisting expats moving to Berlin since early 2015.   We know what it means to move to a foreign country and can empathise with your situation.  In cooperation with real estate agents, immigration lawyers, health insurance experts and a small team of professionals, we strive to expedite and simplify your move to Berlin. You can depend on receiving a very personal and reliable service, with your individual and family requirements being met. Archer Relocation will be there to assist you before, during and after your move, ensuring that you are well-settled in your new Berlin home.

Our Mission

We provide an international service standard, and assist you from day one, planing the necessary steps, making essential arrangements, and guiding you all the way until you are well settled in Berlin.

What We’re Offering


We provide housing search services, assist with all bureaucratic matters, and provide settling in services.


Immigration management for employees, self-employed and freelancers with interpreting at appointments.

Family Service

Family bureaucratic services, school and kindergarten searches, child allowance applications.

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To find out more about our services, please use the contact form and we will get in touch. If you are in Berlin and would like to book an in office consultation, please call the number below to arrange a meeting. 

Ronja Heidenberger, Archer Relocation


+49 (030) 2390 8534

Emily Archer, Managing Director at Archer Relocation

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Our Team and tight network of partners will expedite your personal, or company relocations.  Allow us to assist you with your:

Office Relocation


Home Search

School or Kindergarten Search

Registration with the authorities

Settling In Services

Family Bureaucracy


Meet our

Emily Archer, Managing Director at Archer Relocation

Emily Archer

Founder and Managing Director

Ronja Heidenberger, Archer Relocation

Ronja Heidenberger

Executive Assistant

Agnieszka Król-Zgolińska

Agnieszka Król-Zgolińska

Office Assistant

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Highly Recommended

“We felt rather daunted by finding an apartment and Kindergarten in Berlin because of the language barrier.  Emily helped us to get exactly the apartment we wanted.  She was always keeping us informed and was at every appointment to translate for us with the real estate agent and the housing management.  Emily was very kind and reliable throughout our relocation to Berlin.  She also found a Bilingual Kindergarten close to our home that we are very pleased with.  She completed all the necessary documents for us, we would have been lost with out her.  I highly recommend Archer Relocation, thank you Emily!”

Tuomas Järvinen

Thank you Emily for all your help and support

This is our second international relocation and I only wish we had met Emily during our first move abroad. She has made our move to Berlin much easier than it otherwise would have been. From helping us find a suitable apartment to dealing with the complex bureaucratic system, Emily has been there for our whole family. She has also helped with things like school and kindergarten vouchers, finding suitable doctors, setting up a bank account etc.

More importantly, she has been a great support throughout the entire process. When you are moving to somewhere completely new and have no network of friends or family, you need someone like Emily to hold your hand.

We only found Archer Relocation by chance when we were looking up Berlin relocation agents online. I really liked the sound of Emily and both my husband and I got the feeling she would try her absolute best for her clients. We were of course, completely right! She also has a good sense of humour and even when at times it felt that things were getting pretty stressful, she always remained calm.

What I have really appreciated is that Emily is also a mum and so she understands the importance of getting things right for your children. Happy kids = happy parents!

I would recommend Emily to anyone relocating, but particularly families who need that extra time and care.

Alexandra Whiting

Professional and excellent communication skills

Emily has provided exceptional support, guidance and advice for our International relocation. We are a family of 6 and without outsourcing all of the services Emily provides, our move would have been far more stressful and messier. Emily conducts herself professionally and has excellent communication skills. We highly recommend her expertise and diligence.

Felicity Tucker

Emily was a wonderful help

I had been trying to move to Berlin for some time but was finding it impossible to find an apartment on my own.  My work didn’t allow me much free time to look for an apartment myself and I had very specific ideas about what I wanted.  I wasn’t being accepted for the apartments I did apply for on my own so I decided I needed some help.  Emily was a wonderful help.  She was super friendly and she understood what I was after and went for it.  She always kept me informed and up to date and took the whole stress off my hands.  I was very satisfied with her services and would definitely recommend her to anyone moving to Berlin.


Support and Guidance

When I first came to Berlin from Australia in January 2017 I felt quite overwhelmed with all of the processes. I didn’t have any family or friends to get advice from. Having Emily assist with navigating the system and provide support and guidance has been wonderful. I would highly recommend her services.

Jane Trobbiani

Couldn’t have done it without Emily

When we embarked on a big move with two children and a cat from London to Berlin, we had no idea how much we would come to rely on Emily. We knew that finding and securing a home in an incredibly short space of time would be a tall order, but we managed to do it, and Emily’s calm and confident manner made a very stressful and emotional process so much better and easier than it otherwise would have been. In hindsight, we simply could not have done without her. She handled all of the communication and paperwork with the agencies, always kept us informed, and crucially, helped us widen our search area to the neighbourhood where we are happily living now. Following our move, Emily made sure to keep on top of the little loose ends involving repairs and the like, which has been really helpful, as the realities of life in a new country pile up very quickly! I know we will continue to be in touch with her as a source of invaluable help and support with various bureaucratic matters and logistical hurdles, and we simply cannot recommend her enough.

Karen Gwyer

Very good and trustful advisor

Emily has my warmest recommendation due to the fact that helped us in Berlin with the authorities and kita for our son. We were desperate to find a kita, we applied to approx. 50 and even though my wife knows German, it was very hard to get some appointments. Emily took our case and delivered in approx. a 1 week a place in a very nice kita. She also helped us with Anmeldung request. She has really good connections and she manages to get things done very quickly. Again, I recommend her especially to the expats, as her english is very good. Thank you very much!

Cristian Bentu


Emily’s help was completely indispensable when it came to moving to Berlin. She guided us through a whole range of difficult processes including finding a flat, registering with utilities, opening a bank account, obtaining a kita voucher and much more. These are all complicated enough in Germany, but would have been pretty much impossible for me unaided given the level of my German. Emily was super efficient, friendly and patient. I thoroughly recommend her services.

David S


When we decided to move to Berlin we immediately began the search for a relocation service and came upon Emily´s website. We spoke over the phone before our move and we knew we would be working with her. She was friendly, patient, and very knowledgeable about everything that we needed to do.
Upon arrival in Berlin she helped us manage all the paperwork, which seemed especially daunting with our lack of German. She has helped us through every process, including registration, translation of our lease, kita voucher, flat handover, among others. She made the process stress free where we were able to enjoy our move.
She is very kind and patient and always answers the million questions we have with a smile!
Our family can only recommend her!!

Karla Koch


Emily is fantastic and we highly recommend her services! Emily helped us with our apartment search, setting up bank accounts, registration, driving licenses, kita vouchers, kindergeld and general advice on schools and kita’s and was superb at each step of the process. Emily is professional yet friendly and realistic about the limitations of apartment and kita searching in Berlin. We would have been lost (or certainly homeless) without her!

Clare Feltham

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