Networking in Berlin

Networking in Berlin

Any time you move to a new city, finding new career and social relationships are vital to a successful integration. Your options for networking in Berlin are abundant, both online and with live events and groups. Archer Relocation highlights below our take on the best opportunities for finding your community in Berlin.

Facebook Groups for Networking in Berlin

As a parent moving to Berlin, you might be presented with an overwhelming list of tasks to acclimate your family to the city. Berlin has quite a few family-oriented Facebook groups. The largest and most active Berlin family groups are Expatkids Berlin and ExpatBabies Berlin.

If you are mum trying to balance motherhood and a career, then Work Happy Mums, offering a supportive network of over 1,800 women, is a Facebook group for you. Another women-centric Facebook group is the American Women’s Club of Berlin that provides a network of women associated with the USA, social events and charity involvement.

Berlin EXPATS is a massive Facebook group. Comprised of over 50,000 Berlin expats, this group provides a great resource for general Berlin information. Two other active Facebook groups that you should evaluate are Brits in Germany and Americans in Berlin.

Networking in Berlin
Co-working and Networking in Berlin

Given the start-up and creative scene, co-working is a hot concept in Berlin. As a result, there is no shortage of co-working opportunities. The key is to find the one that suits your situation and gives you ample opportunity to network with others in your industry.

Here are a list of some of our favorites spots for co-working and networking in Berlin:

CoWomen – Located in Mitte, CoWomen’s mission is to connect rising female leaders in a co-working environment. Additionally, they hold a Club Breakfast weekly and other events to foster growth in women building their careers.

Factory Berlin – Factory Berlin prides itself on building community amongst its members. At both of their Mitte and Kreuzberg locations, they offer classes, like the recent ‘Mindfulness and Happiness @ Work’ and ‘Hatha Yoga’, in addition to providing ultra-cool workspaces.

WeWork – With over 10 locations in Berlin already opened and planned for the next year, there is a great chance of a WeWork being convenient to you. One has the option to rent a monthly workspace or office, and perks include members-only events, unlimited craft coffee and pet-friendly facilities.

Networking in Berlin for Career Women

Clustered – Founded by the Berlin-based Rotem Carmely, Clustered aims to match career women with ‘tribes’ that have similar interests and career goals. The match process is entirely online. After completing a thoughtful questionnaire, the connection is made for you to meet other like-minded women.

Work Happy Mums – Melanie Fieseler has built this organization to coach women through the process of getting back to work after having children. Through online group courses and a membership-based online community, working, or soon-to-be-working, moms talk through similar issues and brainstorm ways to meet shared challenges while guided by Melanie.

Finding Social Networking Events Online

Given the size and diversity of Berlin, there is a social group for almost every interest — running, gaming, gallery visiting, moms of babies, etc. InterNations and Meetup are great sites to sift through all of the options and find events that suit you. InterNations is more geared toward single (and maybe childless) expats, whereas Meetup offers something for every type of expat.

While the number of opportunities for networking in Berlin might seem daunting, it is, in fact, the key to a successful expat experience. So, get out there, and find your Berlin tribe!


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