Kindertag in Germany and how to celebrate it in Berlin

Kindertag in Germany is coming up.  For those with children in Berlin, Kindertag is the perfect day to celebrate and spend time as a family.

What is it?

Kindertag means ‘children’s day’, and it has long been celebrated in Germany.  Although there is some confusion as to dates and titles concerning the day between East and West Germany.  Even years after reunification, the days are still separate, and the customs vary.

There are, essentially, two children’s day’s celebrated each year in Germany. International Children’s Day (Kindertag) was celebrated in East Germany (German Demographic Republic) on June 1st. Since its inception in the year 1950, this day was a celebration of the children and their achievements. They’d receive presents and participated in special activities and events, cheered on by their parents and families.

Universal Children’s Day (Weltkindertag) on September 20th was West Germany’s version of Kindertag. More political, this day relied less on the present giving and achievements of the children themselves, but more drawing attention to their rights and the political efforts to secure a good future for the children of the time by the United Nations. Held since 1954, after The United Nations General assembly began Universal Children’s Day on November 20th, today, September 20th is still an important day for children all over Germany and for the United Nations.

These days, Germany remains strong in the fact they wish to honour both original days, June 1st and September 20th. The principles of both celebratory days remain the same, but Germany has also kept the fun and love that comes with celebrating children and all the good they bring to the world for the next generations to come.

So, what’s on?

Children’s Day party in Fez

Children’s hub Fez putts on a children’s festival spectacular with live music and other entertainment, sport and learning activities and general fun for children and families. A water playground, construction site, ropes and climbing walls and a bobby car racetrack, this place will be lots of fun. The youth fire brigade is also having its 40th birthday so I’d expect lots of trucks and water on display.

Running from 1st to 3rd. June from 10 am – 6 pm. Fez is the place to be. And at only 4Euro entry (of 3.50 for families of three people or more) it’s definitely worth it.

Fun at Galeria Kaufhof at Alexanderplatz

Galeria Kaufhof is even getting in on the Kindertag action with activities for kids on the third floor of the department store for Kindertag. From 11 am the children’s level will host a range of activities and entertainment to keep the kids happy. Lego building, face painting, balloon art. Lots of fun, and it’s free!

Kindertag in the Potsdam Biosphere

For something a little different why not take the kids to the Kindertag festivities at the Potsdam Biosphere. The Biosphere will have a varied program of events on especially for child visitors. So take your little explorer here for an adventure.

Even better, why not register the kids for the ‘Search for the little clown fish’. This guided tour takes the kids through the sphere and under the sea to find the fish and includes an ice cream at the end. For children ages 4 – 10, the tour is 3.50 Euro per child, on top of the biosphere entrance fee. Entrance fee to the biosphere is free for children under 3, 4.50 Euro ages 3-4, 7.50 Euro ages 5 -13, and 11.50 Euro for adults. A family card is 33.50 Euro.

Kids fairy tales at Grasshopper Puppet Theatre

Celebrating both international Children’s Day and their own 21st anniversary of the Theatre, the Grashüpfer Figurentheater celebrates by an evening of children’s theatre and fun. The company put on a regular evening around the campfire, telling tales and stories into the evening and June 1st is a special Kindertag evening.

Starting from 6 pm on June 1st, the Puppet Theatre in Treptower Park, this campfire fairytale evening is suitable for those children ages 6 and up, and for adults too of course. International fairy tales will be told but only in German. Adults 8 Euro, Kids and students 5 Euro.

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