Family Friendly Activities in Berlin in Autumn

Family Friendly Activities in Berlin in Autumn

If you are searching for family friendly activities in Berlin in autumn, you’ll most likely be looking for something fun, some indoor, some outdoor, inexpensive and entertaining, but most of all, somewhere where you’ll all enjoy yourselves. Here are the top suggestions for family friendly activities Berlin for autumn, so get your raincoats on and let’s play!


Layering up on an autumn day and taking a stroll through Berlin’s vast green areas is a little piece of autumnal heaven. Taking your time to explore and take in the scenery in Berlin is very much worth the wait for the time when the leaves are falling. A family friendly activity in Berlin in autumn, kids enjoy these park adventures too because there are places to stop along the way, café’s to visit, and playgrounds to swing in. These are the top three gardens to visit with families in Berlin.

Walks and hot chocolate in Tiergarten

Tiergarten covers about five square kilometres of land and crosses over the main boulevard of Strasse Der 17 Juni, in Mitte. But you don’t have to walk it all in one day. Visit the rose gardens and then stop at the English teahouse for a hot chocolate or a meal before heading out again to walk to the Siegessäule (Victory Colum). If the kids are old enough they may like to walk up it and see the view from the top.

Feed the ducks in Charlottenburg Gardens

The Charlottenburg palace would have to have some of the most beautiful gardens in Berlin. Open to the public the gardens are free to walk around all times of the year and in the autumn, it’s particularly special with the colours of the trees. Stop and feed the ducks and swans on the lake at the back of the palace, before a casual stroll around the orangery and out to admire the palace form the front.

Fly a kite at Tempelhofer Feld

Tempelhopfer Feld is Berlin’s famous 386 hectares of free parklands, and it just happens to be the old airport. With the main airport building and aircraft hanger still standing, the public is free to roam, around the grasslands and landing strips. It’s perfect for riding bikes or scooters and is especially good on a windy day for flying kites. Take a picnic and enjoy yourselves.



Berlin is famous for more than 170 museums and galleries, but it’s not something that immediately springs to mind when thinking about family friendly activities in Berlin in autumn. However, there are some wonderful museums in Berlin, which are great for kids, and adults, of all ages! Berlin museums have awesome changing exhibitions, interactive installations and educational activities and programs. Perfect for the colder autumn day, the three best kids museums in Berlin are listed below.

Labyrinth Museum

For children of any age, The Labyrinth Museum in Wedding is on the top of the list for the best interactive kids museum. Designed especially for the smaller people in your family. This museum’s exhibition changes every 6 months. It has all descriptions or instructions in both German and English and there is always a friendly staff member to help you out if you need it.  Contained and compact, it would be hard to lose your kids here, but you might just lose yourself in the relaxed atmosphere, awesome learning portals and activities and general fun of the place. There is a small museum shop and even smaller museum café and you can easily spend up to 4 hours in this one building.

Natural History Museum

An historic museum might not grab a child’s attention too much, but throw some dinosaur bones and stuffed animals into the mix and it’s a recipe for a great afternoon. The Natural History Museum (Museum für Naturkunde) in Mitte has a wonderful permanent display of dinosaur bones and fossils, a crystal room, preserves animals and a planetarium. It’s maximum education with a bit of fun. This museum has temporary exhibitions that are always interesting, but bare in mind it may take you quite some time to get around to everything.

German Museum of Technology

One for the lovers of planes trains and automobiles, this huge multilevel, multi-building museum in Kreuzberg has everything a young family could want. Transport through the ages, technological marvels, and inventions and a lot of space to sit down for a breather. Even the adults get excited about the old trains and you can even walk through some selected forms of transport to get the (almost) ‘real’ experience. You’ll need a whole day at this Deutsches Technikmuseum if you plan to see everything, but if you are going to go, you may as well take it all in. This museum has free entry.



For something a little different try one of the many great family friendly activities in Berlin in autumn. From craft to sport, they are still options for a great autumn day. Look at the weather and take your pick of these few awesome Berlin family activities.

Mount Mitte

If your kids are over 14 years of age or at least 130sm tall, then take them adventuring at Mount Mitte climbing park. This is a fabulous, windy, tall obstacle course, complete with harnesses too so it’s safe, which will take you to new heights. For the adventurous family, taking the leap together!

Paint Your Style

If you’d like to take it easy or the chill in the air is a little too much on the extremities, you are welcome to get your craft on and take a few hours to paint yourself some crockery. Paint Your Style ceramic painting café has 4 locations in Berlin and is a great way to relax and get artistic. Suitable for the smaller kids too, with ceramic figures as well as crockery in all sizes, they even do kids parties!

Markthalle Neun

Most families love to eat, so why not indulge on a Thursday night at Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg, at their famous Street Food Thursday. A food hall like you’ve never seen, there are all sorts of culinary delights from all over the world, which means there is something for every taste. With lots of seating and also, wine for the grown-ups, grab your treats and head back to your seats. At the back of the hall, there is a designated space for babies and toddlers to roll wooden balls around wooden playthings. This place gets really busy though so I’d suggest to get there right on opening at 5 pm, have an early dinner then leave as the crowd gets too thick.


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