9 Reasons to Book Archer Relocation for a Move to Berlin

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Thinking about working with a relocation agency for your move to Berlin? Consider Archer Relocation.
Here are nine reasons why.


We will deal with the local authorities

When moving to Berlin there’s quite a bit of bureaucracy to navigate. As an established Berlin relocation agency, we are experts at this and are happy to take care of every step of the immigration, visa, and settling in process for you. That means we’ll get all your appointments scheduled—from visa appointments to registration appointments, and can accompany you to meetings as well. Our team is multilingual. We speak English, German, and Polish and can translate and interpret for you whenever needed. 


We can help you find your new home in Berlin

Housing in Berlin is in short supply. The apartment search can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. We have a load of experience and insider knowledge about how the system works. Whether you’re envisioning your new Berlin life in a classic Berliner Altbau or a brand new modern flat, we’ll help you find your new home. We can also advise you on which Berlin districts would be the best fit for you and your family. 


We can help you enroll in a school

Choosing a school for your children can be confusing when moving to a new country. We have children of our own and have extensive knowledge of the Berlin school system. We’ve helped clients find spots at public, private, bilingual, and international schools across the city and would be happy to advise your family on the options. 


We can help you land a coveted KITA spot

All children have the right to free childcare in Berlin (preschool or nursery school as it may be known in your country). But finding a spot can be a challenge. We have a list of all the kindergartens (or Kitas as they’re called) in Berlin and are ready to get you on a waiting list.


We can offer you a tailored relocation action plan to meet your specific needs

Whether you’re a single professional moving to Berlin for a new job, a couple, or a family, we work with a diverse array of people moving from countries around the world. The immigration rules differ depending on the country of citizenship, and over the years, our Berlin relocation agency has worked with people from inside and outside the European Union from as far as Australia, India, China, Russia, Canada, the United States, and more. Whatever your situation may be, you can be assured that we will put together a customised plan just for you.


Our relocation services come in bundled packages so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting

Maybe you’ve already lined up an apartment and just need some help registering with the authorities or someone to come along to your visa appointment. Or maybe you’d like to know more about Berlin’s public school system, or what the differences are between Berlin’s bilingual and international schools. Or maybe you’d like some assistance with anything and everything you might encounter during a move to Berlin. We’re a flexible relocation agency, and our package bundles include a clear list of specific services, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying for.


Our internal online platform lets you follow our progress throughout the process

Clients get a personalised login to our online platform where you can see all the details about our partnership, from a list of tasks and how much progress has been made on each one, to a list of potential apartments as well as any viewing appointments that have been booked. You’ll also find a wealth of articles about getting settled in Berlin; so if you’re looking for information on setting up a bank account, or how to recycle, you’ll find it here.


We’re a small team of relocation specialists that offers personalised service

When you book Archer Relocation you can be assured that you’ve already made your first friend in Berlin. We take pride in offering our clients personalised service and are always here for you whenever you need us. We enjoy getting to know our clients on a personal level so we can help you settle into your best life in Berlin.


We’ve been there!

We know what it’s like to move to a new country. Two thirds of our team moved from abroad to become permanent residents in Germany, and we know what a relief it can be to have a capable relocation agency with a high level of expertise helping you every step of the way. Moving to a city like Berlin can be a challenging but also a very exciting time and we’d be thrilled to join you on your journey.


Learn more about how we can support your relocation on our website: archer-relocation.com




Archer Relocation has been providing relocation services to families, individuals and companies in Berlin since early 2015.  Managing Director, Emily Archer, founded the company desiring to use her first-hand experience as an expat to make the relocation process as smooth as possible for others moving to Berlin.  Read other useful information about moving to and living in Berlin, such as ‘How to Find a Berlin Apartment’, on our Berlin Blog.  

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