The Berlinale, English Cinemas & Theatres in Berlin

So, you want a night out? Finding movies, theatre or comedy in English in Berlin is not as hard as it might first seem. This multicultural city is full of international artists and all mediums cater for those preferring their entertainment in English. The challenge, is knowing where to go.  So, we’ve made it a bit easier for you by breaking it down into cinema and film festivals, English theatre, and comedy nights. So, leave the NETFLIX at home and take yourself out for a change and experience Berlin’s English entertainment scene.

Want to go to the Movies?

English Cinema

If you like going to the movies, don’t be scared to head to the cinema in Berlin. There is a huge movie-going public in the city, and a massive industry dubbing over English films into German. However, there are many cinemas in town that play films in their original language and use German subtitles. In the program, you need to look for ‘OV’ after the title, which means Original Version, or ‘OmU’: Original Version with Subtitles.

The three biggest and best cinemas in the city for English film screenings are Cinestar at Potsdamer Platz, Kino International at Karl-Marx-Allee, and the Odean, Schöneberg, but there are many more around. Anglo Info updates the best, and most comprehensive, list each week, you are sure to be able to see your favourite latest releases listed there.


Film festivals in Berlin

There are hundreds of film festivals in Berlin every year: everything from the Down Under Berlin film festival from Australia and New Zealand and the Shebeen Irish Film Festival, to the XPOSED International Queer Film festival, Webfest Berlin Web-series Festival and even a Weihnachtsfilmfestival (Christmas film festival) in December, naturally. There is a Network of Berlin film festivals called Festiwelt, which represent over 50 of the best and most popular film festivals in Berlin. Festiwelt also has their own 24-hour long film festival in August, called the Lange Nacht der Filmfestivals (Long Night of the Film Festivals). This is when all the represented festivals get a session to show their stuff. It’s is an awesome adventure for film buffs, and great if you can’t get to all the festivals throughout the year but still want to see a bit of everything.


The biggest film festival in town – The Berlinale!

Berlinale tips! If you are living in Berlin and enjoy a film or two, you simply must immerse yourself in the Berlinale, Every February the Berlin International Film festival- Berlinale is celebrated and it seems to get bigger every year. It is full of moviemakers and artist enjoying not only the thrill of the film program but workshops and the European Film Market. As a simple punter, you get to watch too! However, it can get a little crazy. If you don’t manage to buy yourself an accreditation if you are part of the industry or press, then you can buy tickets online up to three days in advance. If that doesn’t get you in to watch you want in advance (because tickets do go super quick) Then you’ll need to do as the Berliners do and line up at the box office where the film is playing, nice and early before the screening (box offices opens half an hour before the screening). All screenings are usually 12 Euros unless otherwise stated. The city is alive at Berlinale time, especially around Potsdamer Platz or Zoo. So, get amongst it!


Or, do you like the theatre?

English Theatre Berlin

The English theatre Berlin has a variety of English language shows, but they are not restricted to using native English performers. That’s what is so interesting about this International Performing Arts Centre” you can see an eclectic program of works by artists from all over the globe. They run an in-house producing series, an educational stream, and an Expat expo, plus lots of regular comedy and impro nights. Check out the program from time to time and you’ll find something interesting to see!


Berlin English Repertory Theatre Company (BERT)

Relatively new on the Berlin English theatre scene is BERT the Berlin English Reparatory Theatre Company. Running up to 3 shows simultaneously in different months throughout the year, BERT capture both the traditional English plays such as ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’ and of course a touch of Shakespeare, but they also produce original small works, providing Berlin with an array of English theatre throughout the year.


Want to go for a laugh?

English comedy nights

English Comedy is rife in Berlin! Expats and Berliners love a giggle and you can see anything from international artists and locals; stand up comedy and improvisational nights (which are particularly entertaining). The best way to keep up to date is to search Facebook for various comedy nights in Berlin so you know when the next one is.

You can also go to for what’s on in Berlin and check out their monthly listing of upcoming shows.


Contributed by Charmaine.

Charmaine Gorman is an Australian actress and writer living in Berlin with her family. As a content writer and editor, she works for many clients around the world, and along with her husband, is the founder and content manager of the online travel guide My Guide Berlin.

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