Relocation and Integration Coaching

Membership into the spouse support program gives the participant access to regular coaching with a relocation and intercultural consultant who will provide both practical and emotional support. Our consultants are aware and sensitive to the challenges you are going though. Our methods support, prevent and alleviate the stress that you and your family experience due to feelings of overwhelvement and isolation.

  • Private coaching and counselling
  • Individual problem solving
  • Practical assistance
  • Interpreting assistance
  • Weekly check ins
  • Instant contact to the expat community in Berlin
  • Assistance finding the network that fits to the individual
  • Private Facebook support group
  • Group meet ups

These preventative measures build mental resilience. Our methods will encourage you to embrace changes in identity as an opportunity for growth. They provide the opportunity to talk to others who are undergoing and who have undergone similar experiences, and allows you to re-evaluate your expectations to be realistic and equipped for challenges. You will be  encouraged to live in the present rather than dwell too deeply in nostalgia and equipped with the tools you need for a successful integration. 

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Spouse Support Program Overview

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Leading the membership program is relocation consultant and occupational therapist, Emily Archer.  Relocated from Australia and having lived in Germany since 1999, Emily founded Archer Relocation early 2015 desiring to use her first hand experiences to assist Expats moving to Berlin.  Drawing on her profession as managing occupational therapist she is able to recognise both the practical and emotional needs of her clients and expedites the client’s relocation, assisting and providing support all the way through with particular focus on the settling in period and spouse support program.

Archer Relocation