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Our goal-oriented and content-driven courses will help you break through language and culture barriers and thus enable you to navigate life in Berlin successfully. Instruction takes place in a welcoming and professional small-group environment where participants have ample opportunity to interact with each other and with the instructor. The focus is on authentic and everyday language use as well as on socially and culturally relevant content. The instructor attaches great importance to creating an engaging and supportive atmosphere that results in a tight-knit learning community. In-class instruction and community building will be augmented by complementary online resources and social media that allow participants easy access to the instructor and to each other beyond the physical classroom. The courses give you the linguistic and cultural skills that will allow you to interact more meaningfully with a wide range of Berliners. Berlin is an international and open city where many people speak English, but English alone is not enough to gain full access to personal and professional communities. A sound knowledge of everyday German and Berlin’s cultural idiosyncracies is invaluable for feeling welcome and integrated into the fabric of the city.

  • All Levels A1 – C2 

    We cater for all levels, beginner to advanced.

  • Individual Tutoring 

    You will receive individual lessons in a private setting from a qualified tutor.

  • Lessons in small groups

    Lessons can be arranged in pairs or you can participate in small groups of 3-8.

  • Classes with childminding in small groups

    Learn German at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.  While you are in class your child or children will enjoy sing alongs, sensory play and interactions with other children whilst in the care of professional childminders from Extra-Arms Nanny Agency.

After 12 weeks of the beginners A1 course, you will know how to:
  • Greet people and introduce yourself
  • Share basic information about yourself and your families
  • Conduct basic interactions at stores and restaurants
  • Count and understand numbers up to 1 million
  • Inquire about prices
  • Tell and understand time
  • Ask for and understand directions
  • Speak about events in the past
  • Understand and use grammatical cases for better clarity of meaning
  • Express a wide range of activities using regular and irregular verbs
  • Use modal verbs to add complexity and nuance to speech

In addition to practicing conversational and grammatical skills, you will receive an introduction to German pronunciation. As a final important component, the course will guide the participants through local cultural customs and create a space where you can reflect on and share your own personal experiences as New Berliners.

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Learn German with Us
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