Career Consulting

Our Career Consulting Programmes

Our team of consultants and coaches have extensive experience and knowledge of the German job market. We are dedicated to giving you step-by-step support and accountability that will empower you with the confidence and preparedness you need to succeed, and accomplish your goals at work and at home. We offer a range of programmes, specifically tailored to unique needs, values and priorities. These include one on one coaching and ongoing workshops throughout the year.

Job Search Consulting

We provide support on the practical side of career consultancy including job search strategy and planning, CV and cover letter preparation, getting the most out of LinkedIn and Xing, and interview preparation – everything needed to get hired for an ideal job in Germany.

Career Transition Consulting

The Career change programmes are designed to help you discover, define and chart your new path.  Whether it be for a radical career change or subtle change in direction.  You will come away with clarity on your new career direction, a boost in confidence and having discovered what you are good at and truly passionate about. Plus, you will have a concrete action plan outlining how to make your career change happen.

Maternity Coaching

Maternity coaching is for women who are currently on maternity leave or for those who have recently gone back to work. It will  help you to make a smooth and confident transition, and assist you in achieving a satisfying work life balance. At the end of the coaching, you will be more confident and better equipped to handle any challenges that might lie ahead and will have mapped out a clear route back to work.

Executive/ Leadership Coaching

If you are in leadership or heading for leadership, working with us will help to navigate your way around challenges and perform to the best of your potential. We work with people who feel they can benefit from support around career navigation, confidence, building resilience, assertiveness, personal branding, influencing and the many other skills that are required to survive in an increasingly competitive work environment.

Self-Employment and Freelancing in Germany

We will not only help you through the bureaucratic processes of setting up your own business or becoming a freelancer in Germany, we will also motivate, encourage and inspire you to succeed. Our support and guidance is tailored towards your own individual business and lifestyle goals and needs, and aims to help you gain the confidence and expertise to set up and run every aspect of your business making it a success.

Our Spouse Support Program

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