Spouse Support

Why is spouse support important?

Making the decision to leave your country and relocate your family in search of new opportunities is one of the most psychologically profound decisions you can make in your lifetime. It is a life changing decision that affects not only you, but everyone else surrounding you, your family and your friends.

When you and your partner arrive in Berlin you will feel the need to adapt quickly. You may experience a psychological weight that makes you feel that you need to be in a better position than the one you had in your own country. People will often relocate on a quest for a better future and when things are not happening at the pace expected, you are confronted with obstacles, and this, is when the stress kicks in. The impact of the adjustment with its expectations and challenges can become a heavy burden.

The practical and emotional challenges you will face include:
  • separation from your family and homeland
  • social and cultural isolation due to lack of language proficiency
  • lack of familiar cultural and/or religious institutions
  • challenges finding long term accomodation
  • difficulties with the Berlin bureaucracy
  • difficulties finding kindergarten placement for your young children
  • difficulties finding ideal schooling for your children
  • spouses will have a lack of opportunities to secure a quality job
  • spouses might not have a permit to work
  • spouses especially have a lack of a network and community

Once relocated to Berlin it becomes particularly challenging for the spouse. One partner will have an exciting new job to go to and the spouse is left to deal with the ins and outs of everyday life. They are left to start a new life for themselves in an unknown city and culture. They will additionally be managing the settling-in in the new apartment, seeking employment and as a parent getting the children organised and settled in school, or trying to find an available kindergarten placement. The other spouse, has a network to which they automatically belong and are supported by their colleagues and team managers. They are being shown the ropes at work and given structure and purposeful tasks, a routine to follow and a place to belong.  Whereas, their spouse is left to fend for themselves all in a foreign country without a support system.

To find out more about the importance of spouse support read this article and view the video about Culture Shock and the Expat Adjustment Curve on our blog.


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