Emily Archer

Emily Archer, Managing Director at Archer Relocation

Managing Director

Emily is a born Australian and British citizen, but has spent more than half her life time in Germany. Emily moved to Berlin in 2003 after having relocated from Melbourne to Sydney and a year later to Munich in 1999. Emily moved to Germany as a determined and diligent student to pursue her career as a ballerina.  After a successful career as a professional ballet dancer at the Berlin State Ballet, Emily went on to study occupational therapy in Berlin. As the leading occupational therapist and mother of two children Emily decided to pursue another dream and start her own company.  In April 2015 she did just that and founded Archer Relocation. Emily desired to use her first hand experience, professional skills and linguistic abilities to assist fellow expats moving to Berlin. She is familiar with your needs, knows what it means to move to a foreign country and can empathise with your situation.

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