Agnieszka Król-Zgolińska

Agnieszka Król-Zgolińska

Relocation Assistant

Helping families with small children settle into Berlin is one of Agnieszka’s biggest responsibilities as an office assistant at Archer Relocation. Agnieszka earned a master’s degree in linguistics from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and completed a postgraduate course in hotel and business tourism before embarking on a career as a professional conference organiser.

Ronja Heidenberger, Archer Relocation

Ronja Heidenberger

Account Manager

After working as an administrative specialist in the finance department of an international Munich-based company, where she also completed an apprenticeship in office management, Ronja Heidenberger is Archer Relocation’s Account Manager. Organising the company’s online platform, arranging visa and residence permit applications for our corporate clients are Ronja’s main responsibilities.

Emily Archer, Managing Director at Archer Relocation

Emily Archer

Managing Director

Emily is a born Australian and British citizen, but has spent more than half her life time in Germany. Emily moved to Berlin in 2003 after having relocated from Melbourne to Sydney and a year later to Munich in 1999. Emily moved to Germany as a determined and diligent student to pursue her career as a ballerina.  After a successful career as a professional ballet dancer at the Berlin State Ballet, Emily went on to study occupational therapy in Berlin.…

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