Expat Concierge Germany

Your German mail stack is piling up because you dread trying to translate it all. You need to make an appointment at the specialist, but you can’t communicate with the receptionist. That light fixture you bought months ago is still sitting in the box because you are frightened of the language barrier you might hit when calling the handyman (or, you need to find a handyman!).  Archer Relocation gets it, and that is why we are pleased to offer our Expat Concierge Service all over Germany!

You book a minimum of 60 minutes, a package of 300 minutes for a reduced rate, or a subscription for a minimum of 3 months. The time can be used for Admin Service, Telephone Assistance and/or Coaching.

Telephone Assistance

Telephone assistance, we make a call on your behalf to authorities, doctors offices, or service providers. Alternatively you can also have us on another line to assist you by interpreting.

Admin Services

Assistance filling out applications in German. Send us your emails or post by scan and we will respond by email with instructions on what needs to be done and how you need to respond.


Through a skype or hangouts call we go through your administration tasks together, come up with a plan of action, explain what needs to be done and how.

Examples of Tasks that may be included:

  • Communication with utility providers on your behalf; internet, mobile, electricity and gas providers
  • Communication with authorities on your behalf for example: Jugendamt (Kita and Hort), Familienkasse, authorities, foreigners office
  • Follow up on already made Kindergeld or Kita/ Hort voucher application
  • Finding and arranging a handyman or other services
  • Making appointments with a medical specialist
  • Communication with your housing management
  • Translating mail and determining next steps
  • Health insurance applications
  • New registrations for utilities
  • Filing insurance claims
  • Filling out government forms
  • Making a doctor’s appointment
  • Canceling contracts when leaving Berlin

What’s not included but you can book through our traditional relocation services:
New applications for Kindergeld,  new applications for a Kita or Hort Voucher, Kindergarten Search Services, Home Search Services, Registration of Address.

Further Services our Partners can provide, but that are not included in Expat Concierge Services:
Legal Advice from our partnering Immigration Lawyer, Nanny or Babysitter Search, Private Health Insurance, Elterngeld applications.

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